Nelly makes your duty preparation simple.

Thanks to the Nelly app, you have all the necessary information about the aircraft's cabin and galley in the palm of your hand.

Let Nelly assist you in ensuring your cabin is always ready for the next flight.

The briefing created by Nelly provides you with a general overview of all the individual items on board together with a “To buy list”, which helps you to arrange everything you need for the next flight.

Nelly makes collaboration with your crew effortless.

Invite your colleagues and build the crew with Nelly, or let Nelly share the Final Briefing with your team by email.

Nelly Academy core features

Nelly Mobile App
F/A Duty Consulting
F/A Handbook Creation
VIP Flight Attendant Crewing

Nelly Hedwig Diener was the first European female flight attendant.

Diener started flying for Swissair in 1934 and became known as the "Angel of the Skies".

Our goal is to tailor the solution to your specific requirements.

F/A Duty Consulting

We are focused on creating a simple solution for a mid-size jet crew cooperation.

We can create a smart Flight Attendant Handbook perfectly customized for your team and fleet.

VIP F/A Crewing

We’re able to provide trained and experienced VIP Flight Attendants for Freelance and Full-Time contract.

Our main goal is to have flexible colleagues only recommended by other pilots and flight attendants

To discuss specific request, contact us.

What our customers say about the Nelly app.

Professional app

The Nelly app helped me to perfectly organize the cooperation between me and my colleagues in our company. Very easy to use and very helpful.

VVIP F/A Gulfstream G550
Thanks to Nelly

I appreciate the possibility of sharing individual briefings in pdf format via email. Definitely suitable with our company procedures.

Head of Cabin Citation X
Not only for FAs

This application can also be used for aircraft where the flight attendant is not a part of the crew. Easy way to keep the cab fully equipped.

F/O Citation XLS+

What our customers say about the Nelly app.

Not only for FAs

This application can also be used for aircraft where the flight attendant is not a part of the crew. Easy way to keep the cab fully equipped.

F/O Citation XLS+


Nelly is an intuitive mobile app that allows the crew to create a post-flight briefing very easily and quickly, generate it as a PDF and send it by e-mail to colleagues.
More than 8 years of my experience with aviation, especially 3 years of being VIP F/A Freelancer. I have realised that so many companies, different sizes, have no system at all to support F/A duty and cooperation.
Nelly App brings a structure to the cabin and aircraft handover. The briefing created by your colleagues and shared by Nelly helps you to prepare for your duty better and provide all information to your colleagues after you have finished your duty on the particular aircraft. And all in your phone, so you don't need to use pen and paper, not structured emails, or other forms.
We have 3 ways of login. You can use your Google Account, Apple ID or create Nelly Account by providing your email and your name.
Nelly App has been approved by Google and Apple without any problem. We cooperated on our Privacy Policy Terms with one of the best lawyer’s teams in Czech Republic to make sure that we can offer good data security to our customers.
Yes, I did. And my colleagues, especially pilots, like it very much. As I have provided them with a perfect cabin and galley overview after my flight. And as I was a freelancer there, that was a perfect way to keep next Flight Attendants informed and avoid overloaded aircraft or lack of cabin and galley items.
“To buy list”, section “What to take from HNDL” and a perfect and sexy briefing in PDF which is very easy to share. Very useful is also Cabin and Galley details. As it is very important to know how the galley is equipped especially for appropriate catering order.
Nelly is available on App Store and Google Play.
App is completely free to download and use. We call this public and free version “single user version”. And it will stay like this. We can customize and develop the app functionality according to the client's, bizjet operators, request. The price of this Nelly App version depends on the demands in terms of development and technical support.

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